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Since 2004

Soorosaat has started its activity in 2003 with the aim of planning and performing wedding ceremonies in accordance with international principles and standards, to organize perfect and glorious celebrations and parties for making eternal memories of the best events of your life.

In addition to weddings, holding various events, parties, conferences, seminars, and meetings are in the portfolio of the Soorosaat team, and during these years, well-known brands have trusted our professional team because reliance and popularity can not be achieved easily.

We are proud that the creation of your eternal memories is created by the hands of Soorosaat’s professional team.

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The philosophy of Soorosaat is to build happy moments of your life!

Soorosaat Team

Rana: I was your bride on September 27th. I had no idea what would have happened if we did not choose from your packages. All the things were great even in the details. Thank you so much for that beautiful night!

Arghavan: I am very happy to have chosen Sorosat and trusted your great team. Everything was great and it turned out exactly as we wanted. Thank you for your efforts and for introducing the professionals to us!

Shiva: I was the bride on 28 August. The hottest day with all that stress, but everything was so great and dreamy that there was neither heat nor stress, we enjoyed it. If I go back, I will choose Soorosaat again.

Soorosaat is the First Choice of Brands